Fare Filing

Overview about all our fare filing services

ATPCO Tarife laden

ATPCO (Airline Tariff Publishing Company) is owned by multiple airlines, based in Washington (USA), with 450 airline members and  a worldwide fare distribution. ATPCO offers to airlines and 3rd parties the possibility of coding fares, rules, taxes etc. directly into their database. Those data can be released globally in all existing GDSs (one filing  - all systems).

Since 1998 Airfair holds a certified ATPCO licence and enters fare data for airlines and resellers into ATPCO's database. Our fare analysts are participating regularly on ATPCO trainings and actively at ATPCO conferences.

For our customers we are coding the following items:

  • Public International fare records (published fares  - only for airlines!)
  • Private International fare records (unpublished/private fares - for all our customers!)
  • Rule Sequences
  • Booking Code Sequences
  • RBD Internal Sequences
  • Carrier-Imposed (YQ/YR) Fees sequences
  • Ticketing Fees sequences
  • Optional Services sequences/ ancilliaries
  • Branded Fares sequences
  • Tax Sequences
  • Cat.31/Cat.33/ voluntary changes and refunds
  • Expired data cleanup

But ATPCO have their limitations. Some feeder classes and add-ons can not be loaded and connected as created from revenue or pricing departement of an airline. Therfor Airfair offers alternatives to avoid any loss of revenue.

GDS/CRS Fare Loading

Each GDS provides its own fare filing tool ( Sabre "Direct Fare Filing", Amadeus "FareXpert Filing Platform", Travelport "Agency Private Fares").These tools enable users to input, edit, modify, manage and distribute multiple negotiated fare types (unpublished/private fares).

Airfair's fare analysts are able to manage all those GDS filing tools. If feeder classes, add-ons or particular elements of paper fare contracts can not be loaded correctly through ATPCO Airfair experts will load those fares directly into the GDSs.

Each of the systems have their strengths and weaknesses. We will be happy to advise you in close cooperation which fare filing method fits your needs best.

3rd Party Fare Filing

Many airline's resellers are using their own fare databases to automate downstream processes like:

  • Fare Display
  • Internet Booking Engine
  • Ticketing Automation
  • Cache Tool
  • Mid Office Tool etc.

Airfair is currently entering fare data for our customers in Airquest and Hitchhiker and is willing to extend its service portfolio for 3rd party database applications. Please contact us if you are considering outsource your internal fare data management. 

Commission Fare Filing

For some of our reseller customers we are managing their commissions for negotiated contracts in various systems to guarantee  an unobstructed process for automated ticketing and a correct BSP and ARC settlement. Digitalised processes helps us to save time and to mitigate risks.

For Airlines we are able to load commissions in ATPCO for each fare type (Type L, Type C, Type T). We can create different net and selling fares according to airlines negotiated contracts.

We will be pleased to consult you on your commission deals.