Tarifmanagement Consulting

We'll make the most of you

Specialised in air fare management since over 18 years we gained a deep knowlegde about all fare related challenges. Additionally we combine all perspectives, understand airlines intentions and resellers needs on a global scale. This is our unique selling point.

We offer our Consulting Service to all our customer groups. For example we deliver consulting services for


  • new GDS entry
  • on worldwide distribution strategy


  • optimised automated processes
  • implementation of your customers fare redistribution structure


  • implementation of quality control processes
  • fare filing instructions


  • markup optimisation
  • implementation of airline's content control processes


  • redistribution technology
  • implementation of processable full fare content control


We offer training and workshops for your staff to help conqueror challenges of today's dynamic fare world. We analyse and improve, automate and implement processes, we analyse data and errors. Our helpdesk offers "Ad hoc Consulting" for airline communication on daily distribution issues without longterm contracts.

One of our guiding principles is the continuing development of our services and technology, because "anyone who stops improving, has stopped being good."  A small choice of our Consulting Services you can find here. You are most welcome to test our services in practice: just contact our Consulting Service.