About Airfair

The Quality Leader

Airfair has been Europe’s quality leader in fare filing for over 20 years. We are based in Berlin but we operate remotely worldwide. Airfair manages fares for airlines, consolidators, online travel agencies and tour operators across the globe. From fare entry of single contracts to long-term integration of our services into the very heart of our customers’ fare distribution, we never compromise on quality.
Airfair’s well-defined processes, technological expertise and GDS redistribution facilities not only reduce the effort required to serve multiple channels but also improve the quality of content and minimise time to market.

Our specialised experience and focus on fare management and distribution enable us to increase the speed and efficiency of fare filing for our customers whilst improving quality. As a result, our customers can focus on their core competencies.

Compared to our competitors, we invest more in talent to ensure that our team’s profound knowledge goes beyond technical systems.

Our USP is:

We have extensive knowledge of airlines’ and resellers’ needs in terms of processability and compliance with technical and market standards. At Airfair, we understand the market from all angles because we deliver our services in two directions: to airlines and to resellers at different points of sale worldwide.

Our Core Business:

  • Fare Filing
  • Fare Distribution and Re-Distribution
  • Fare Optimisation
  • Fare Quality Management
  • Fare Consulting
  • Fare Benchmarking 

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Yes, but...

Airfair is ‘made in Germany’: isn't it expensive?

  • No, our costs are low. Our automated processes and highly skilled team of experts deliver a high quality service. With Airfair, you’ll reduce the number of ADMs, save time on solving fare issues and you’ll increase your profits because we’ll reduce your time to market.

What happens if Airfair causes an error? Who is responsible?

  • No need to worry: at Airfair, we take pride in our reputation for high quality service bound by contract and we are fully liable for the work we do.

Does working with Airfair increase the amount of communication necessary?

  • No, with Airfair as your vendor, you will actually reduce the amount of communication required. Airfair’s experience, market knowledge, long-term partnership with ATPCO and GDSs, and our flat hierarchy will reduce your workload and speed up communication processes.

Will we lose control of our fare filing?

  • Definitely not! We are always transparent about what we do and how we do it. What is more, you can access to our Consulting Services as required.