Hahn Air Systems

The global consolidation service , Hahn Air Systems enables airlines with only limited or no GDS presence of their own to be distributed in all Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) under the two-letter code H1 and issued on the insolvency-safe Hahn Air HR-169 ticket. 100,000 travel agents around the world can therefore issue additional tickets not commonly available in the GDSs.

In January 2017, Airfair began to file published fares for Hahn Air Systems in ATPCO, initially on a trial basis for a small number of carriers. After just a few months, Hahn Air Systems was so convinced by Airfair’s excellent filing quality and speedy delivery that they decided to commit to a long-term contract as of 1st November 2017.
Airfair succeeded in significantly reducing Hahn Air Systems ATPCO costs by restructuring and optimally streamlining the H1 ATPCO fares, while at the same time decreasing the number of filed sequences. This cut the costs of both database occupancy fees and filing updates. Time to market also improved, with updates being processed much faster. Airfair now manages ATPCO fare filing for a total of 73 carriers on behalf of Hahn Air Systems.



AERTiCKET GmbH is one of the largest airline ticket consolidators in the world. It offers the best prices to travel agencies, tour operators and Internet portals for 170 airlines.

Since 1998, Airfair has been providing AERTICKET with fare distribution services for all major GDSs. In 2013, the services rendered to AERTICKET were extended to include an in-house fare filing department, which manages the fare data feed into AERTICKET systems.

Airfare has a proven record of reducing AERTICKET’s fare data management costs by approximately 50% within two years. The in-depth product knowledge of Airfair staff and their passion for continually improving quality levels are key elements.

Our service portfolio for AERTICKET now includes benchmarking, commission filing and quality management in addition to fare filing.

Picasso Travel

Picasso Travel is one of the largest airline consolidators in the United States serving both travel professionals and airlines. 2019 marks the 40th year in business for Picasso Travel in the U.S.For leisure and corporate travel agencies, tour operators, business travel agencies and incentive agencies, Picasso Travel offers seamless service from 6 U.S. offices and a 24/7 customer support center.

Since 2010, Airfair has been providing Picasso Travel with fare filing services for all major GDS. The scope of services was later extended to include commission filing via an in-house software solution that manages fare data feed into Picasso Travel ticketing systems.

Airfair is a long-time reliable partner of Picasso Travel. Our streamlined fare filing procedures ensure availability of fares in relevant systems at both an excellent turnaround time and low cost.Our service portfolio for Picasso Travel now includes benchmarking and quality management in addition to fare and commission filing.

Air Tahiti

Air Tahiti is the main inter-island air carrier of Tahiti and her islands. The Carrier covers a network of 47 islands in French Polynesia and one international destination in the Cook Islands, across an area the size of Europe (5,500,000 km²), with a fleet made up of ATRs, Twin Otters and Beechcrafts.
The main hub is Faa'a International Airport.
Even being a private company, Air Tahiti's primary purpose is to schedule air transportation between the islands of French Polynesia with a public service mission.

Air Tahiti has been in business with the company Airfair Flugservice GmbH for over 6 months and can attest to the level of service quality that it offers at an affordable price.

Airfair succeeded in significantly reducing Air Tahiti  ATPCO costs by restructuring and optimally streamlining the Air Tahiti fares in ATPCO, while at the same time decreasing the number of filed sequences. This cut the costs of both database occupancy fees and the filing.