Challenges and solutions for consolidators

As wholesalers, they face cost and time pressures from both airlines and customers. Processes need to be automated as much as possible to reduce costs and this relies on high-quality fare data. Airfair’s Fare Data Management Solutions for consolidators are designed to master all these challenges.

Keep control of your fare content and your distribution

Airfair’s SFU Redistribution Solution ensures that all OIDs, PCCs and SIDs receive the correct fare content. At the same time, we maintain control of fare content and alert consolidators about missing or failed fares. Depending on your sales structure, we can also add a retail invisible markup as required.

Fill the fare gaps - be the first on the market

If expected airline fares are not available in the GDS (e.g. Specials/Promotions) but only on paper, Airfair will load missing fares through ATPCO to provide the same content in all GDSs.

A common error with ATPCO fares loaded by airlines is that they display an incorrect feeder class or add-on which differs from the details in the printed contract. Airfair's GDS/CRS Fare Filing Solution overcomes this issue.

Airfair experts can also manage fare databases which load fares offline (in-house or 3rd party databases).

Manage your airline commissions

If you negotiate airline commissions, Airfair can also manage and load these commissions in various systems.

Improve your automation degree

Internet booking engines, ticketing automation, fare data bases and CRM processes demand high standards to keep manual efforts to a minimum. Our Quality Management Solution is a component model and can be customised according to each customer’s needs.

Does your company deal with questions like these every day?

  • Are fare content and conditions complete? Are they displayed correctly in my multi GDS environment? Do they correspond with the fare sheet?
  • Is an attractive special fare missing?
  • Has the airline loaded and allocated all the required information (e.g. correct flat YQ tax and time limits)?

Our Quality Management Solution ensures that your data is correct and that your standards are maintained for all downstream processes and automation

Focus on your profit

Our research has shown that on average:

  • airlines load their fares with a delay of 26 days
  • 20% of fares loaded are not processable
  • 18% of fares loaded are not auto-pricing compatible

Our Consulting Service team will gladly assist you in analysing your fare management to improve your data quality and downstream processes.