Challenges and solutions for online travel agencies

Metasearch sites, supplier websites, competitors’ sites and mobile apps: OTAs operate within a highly competitive and ever-changing market. OTAs offer a wide range of products and brands in an indispensable but relatively low-profit airline segment. OTAs have a strong focus on technology providing consumers with a harmonious shopping and booking experience. Airfair offers specialised solutions for online travel agencies to assist them in providing a wide range of flight products to their customers in a single market place.

Time to market is the key

Are you still loading fares or are you already selling tickets? Airfair's aim is to get your fares on to the market as fast as possible and with the highest degree of accuracy. We know that every second counts! Airfair’s ATPCO Fare Filing Solutions enable you to launch airline specials/commercials on the market even faster than the airlines.

Full control of your fare portfolio

OTAs are expected to offer the best prices and a wide and comparable range of flight products. Airfair has defined Quality Management processes to give you full control of your fare portfolio and provide ideal support for OTA yield management. Our Fare Management Consulting Service will work with you to develop an optimum Customised Service for your OTA.

Optimise your automation degree

The variable quality of data delivered by airlines can have negative effects on your automation level, full content, shopping, booking or auto-pricing; it also increases the risk of ADMs. Our SFU Redistribution Solution will ensure that your content is reliable, your data quality fits all your downstream processes and that ADMs decrease significantly. What’s more, we’ll take care of all troubleshooting.