Challenges and solutions for touroperators

Tour operators face many challenges when planning their sales strategies: explosive growth in dynamic packaging on websites and mobile apps, a dynamic air fare market, changes in consumer behaviour due to omnipresent mobile connectivity and the challenges of social media. Airfair’s solutions and state-of-the art technology help tour operators tackle these day-to-day challenges.  

Keep control over your content and distribution

Airfair's multi GDS approach provides optimum support to globally active tour operators helping you to maximise your air fare sales. Our SFU Redistribution Solution enables you to view all your fare content at a glance. You will receive immediate updates on any changes, new fares or errors for all your GDSs. What’s more, your air fare distribution will be in your hands. Airfair ensures that all OIDs, PCCs and SIDs receive the appropriate fare content. 

Overcome dynamic packaging and cache challenges

Dynamic packaging and cache processes rely on high quality, standardised data. Due to different requirements at each point of sale, airlines’ global distribution does not always comply with these standards. If processes are interrupted, this increases manual work and reduces sales potential. Our Quality Management Service creates an automated process to manage data efficiently. Airfair's ATPCO Filing Solution eliminates almost all interruptions and enables smooth downstream processes. Please contact our Consulting Service for more information.

Benefit from your market power

Tour operators have an outstanding market position with the ability to negotiate exclusive special rates with airlines. If appropriate YQ flat tax etc. is missing on your OIDs or PCCs, Airfair's Fare Filing Service for tour operators can fill the gaps by entering missing data into ATPCO, directly into GDSs or into 3rd party fare databases. Let Airfair help you reach your full potential.