Airline Management Services

Comprehensive solutions from a single source

Over the years, Airfair has acquired additional resources to cover all sectors of airline revenue management (pricing, inventory control and planning). We have experience with a large number of hosted systems, so our specialists can easily adapt to any tool related to revenue management, and not only to the fare data management, which of course remains our core business.

Service overview:

Passenger Service Systems

The Passenger Service System (PSS) is a series of solutions designed to promote the efficient operation on various passenger-related issues.

As specialists with years of experience, we support our airline customers in the following aspects:

  • Consulting
  • Setup & Implementation
  • Sales Configurations
  • Fare related data entry
  • Filing and handling of ancillaries


Fare Filing

Not all fares created by airlines are immediately available in all systems even though this is essential for the sales of both the airline and intermediaries. Many are still today only delivered essentially on paper. The reasons are complex – the solution is not. We are the world-wide leaders in filling the gap.

Our Added Value

  • Availability ensured in all sales channels (GDSs and Non-GDSs)
  • Extensive experience and partnerships
  • Comprehensive international market know-how
  • Excellent quality and service level agreements (SLAs)

Find out more about Airfair's Fare Filing services.


Revenue Management

Revenue management plays a major role for airlines in today's world of aviation, as there are numerous competitors in the market and the customer has practically infinite possibilities to compare the offers of many different carriers in a matter of seconds.

In this difficult, extremely dynamic market environment, the airline needs to be able to optimally fill the capacity of its flights at a profitable price.

We are pleased to support our airline customers with the following services:

  • Consulting
  • Creating of airline’s pricing policy
  • Best pricing approach to increase airline‘s revenue
  • Active sales within the revenue management system
  • Management of sales patterns



Dynamic pricing helps airlines achieve a better balance between supply and demand. By constantly adjusting prices in response to market conditions, airlines can maximise their revenues and fill as many seats as possible. This is particularly important in the highly competitive airline industry, where profit margins are often tight and demand can change rapidly.

Service overview:

  • Consulting
  • Creating of airline’s pricing policy
  • Airline‘s fare structure based on system requirements
  • Creating of the most appropriate structure for ancillaries



Flight schedules are the foundation of successful passenger service, global planning and aviation operations strategy. The ability to accurately understand and communicate when, how and where an airline operates is essential to help aviation managers gain insight into service capacity, operating conditions and demand.

Service overview:

  • Flight schedule management
  • Storage in the inventory
  • Distribution to the GDS
  • Consulting. Setup. Support