Challenges and solutions for business travel management companies

The airline industry plays an important role for travel management companies. Compared to other service industries, the airline sector is not only dynamic and highly complex, it is also technically non-standardised and expected profits are relatively low. Airfair offers solutions to manage these challenges. Our efficient and highly effective diagnostic processes can have a huge impact and help to ensure the most profitable margin per fare.

Keep your distribution under your control

Airfair’s SFU Redistribution Solution provides an easy to implement application which allows you to keep control of distribution to all your customers. We monitor every OID, PCC and SID in all GDSs. This means you can respond to any market changes quickly and independently.

Optimise your margin per ticket

The SFU Redistribution Solution also gives you the freedom to create your own selling fares from all negotiated fares (net fares) via a markup as a percentage or a fixed amount. This can even be fine-tuned for each fare class, origin, destination or booking code.

This process is easy to integrate into your automated ticketing processes. Our Consulting Service team will gladly assist you with data migration. 

Find the best fares for your customers

In today's fare jungle, finding the best fare to match your requirements can be a challenge. Price differences between published fares and net fares can vary widely but its is time consuming to compare both prices and identify the best final price (including all taxes, fees, surcharges, processing costs etc.). Airfair’s Customised Service offers a time-saving solution which enables you to identify optimum fares so your corporate customers get the best price and you increase your margin per ticket.