Fare Management Consulting

We'll make the most of you

With 25 years of specialised experience in air fare management, we have gained an in-depth knowledge of all fare related challenges. In addition, we are able to combine all perspectives and understand the needs and objectives of both airlines and resellers on a global scale. This is our unique selling point.

We offer our Consulting Service to all our customer groups:


  • new GDS entry
  • worldwide distribution strategies


  • optimisation of automated processes
  • implementation of customer fare redistribution structures


  • implementation of quality control processes
  • fare filing instructions


  • markup optimisation
  • implementation of content control processes for airlines


  • redistribution technology
  • implementation of processable full fare content control


We offer training and workshops for staff to help overcome the challenges of today's dynamic fare market. We analyse, improve, automate and implement processes, as well as analysing data and errors. Our help desk offers ad hoc consulting for airline communications on daily distribution issues without the need for long-term contracts.

If you stop improving, you stop being good: this is one of our guiding principles and the reason why we continue to develop of our services and technology. Here is a selection of the consulting services we offer. If you would like to test our services, please contact our Consulting Service team.