Fare Redistribution

Selling Fare Update

The majority of fares are loaded directly into ATPCO by airlines. Airfair is able to receive this data (raw data) within GDS databases. We then refine and redistribute these fares within the database to specific OIDs, PCCs and SIDs for our reseller customers. We currently provide these services in Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport (Worldspan and Galileo) using a GDS database solution.

Fares can even be redistributed with your own markup/markdown according to your sales channels depending on the airline filing type. This fare management solution allows you to keep control of your fare content, revenue and customer structure according to your business needs. Airfair will assist you in defining your optimal margin between discounted and selling fares. Standardised data for ticketing automation via SFU databases is, of course, part of our solutions and can help you reduce overall process costs and maximise your profit margin per ticket.

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